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Worried about a tree branch touching a power line? Call us today

Richard Walsh trading as Shannonside Tree Services provide specialist forestry services that are tailored to cutting trees near power lines.

Our wide range of forestry services are available to clients throughout Roscommon, Mayo, Sligo, Leitrim and Longford.
Cutting trees near power lines is extremely dangerous. Our highly qualified and fully insured team use a variety of cutting techniques including lift platforms, pole saws and climbing.
We aim to safeguard electricity supplies by cutting back trees and vegetation that have the potential to make contact with overhead power lines which can result in power cuts.
During periods of high winds, heavy rain or snow, branches or trees can move significantly and make contact with power lines. Contact Richard Walsh for any other forestry related queries for further information.

Cutting Trees Near Power Lines Ensures

Electricity supply is maintained at all times
Vegetation does not make contact with overhead power lines
Children and adults are protected from accidental contact when climbing trees


Our team are experts when it comes to
cutting trees near power lines

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